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Chunguang group founded in 2006, it is a high-tech company specializing in design, R&D, production and sales of pharma packaging. Chunguang group owns two factories. The main products include PVC/PCTFE high moisture barrier laminated film, PVC/PVDC, PVC/PE/PVDC high moisture, oxygen barrier coated film,PVC rigid film, PVC/PE, PET/PE and other laminated series,pharma PTP foil, which are widely used in pharmaceutical, food and other industries...

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Chunguang has a first-class production environment (100 thousand grade purification workshop),production equipment (automated production line),  management, quality and high-level service.With the business philosophy of “Take customer as the center,take the technology as the forerunner and provide better customer service ”,the spirit of Self-Discipline, Social Commitment,Never give up and strive for excellence and the mission of “Make human beings healther with new material technology “, Chunguang is committed to be a world class high-tech material company for health protection products .

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