Compostable is now in progress at XWPAK Limited
Compostable is now in progress

Sustainability is our priority

As an eco-friendly company, XWPAK is committed to creating a more sustainable world through our development of earth-friendly packaging solutions.
The compostable materials we use are certified to European Standard EN 13432, the US Standard ASTM D6400 and the Australian Standard AS 4736!

Making Sustainable Progress Possible

Many consumers are now looking for new ways to reduce their impact on the planet and exercise more sustainable choices with their money. At BioPouches ™ we want to help our customers to be part of this trend.
We have developed a range of bags that will not only fulfill your food packaging needs but also help you work towards a more sustainable future. The materials we apply to our bags are certificated to European Standard and also US standard, which are either Industrial compostable or home compostable.
Contact us to start being part of the sustainable movement, for our better planet.

What's the right bag for your food?

We proudly offer a full line of custom food packaging options that allow your product to stay as fresh as the day you bagged it

—your brand will shine right off the shelf. Check out our various food pouch and bag options below.

Flat Pouch

Look to our flat pouches for the perfect, easy-to-use solution for samples or single servings of food or snacks. They’re a great option for hotels and resorts, gifts, or special occasions and events.

Flat-bottom Pouch

Choose flat-bottom bags as your creative showpiece with maximum shelf stability, a classy appearance, and unmatched practicality for your food and snacks.

Gusseted Bag

Pick gusseted bags to give your food and snacks the shelf-stable, artwork-forward punch it needs to stand out on a crowded retail shelf. Use the entire bag surface to tell your brand story.

Stand-up Pouch

Enjoy the excellent versatility of our stand-up pouches as a go-to, practical solution for packaging food and snacks.

Learn About Compostable Layers


The material is made from plants, like wood chips, corn starch. It is crystal clear and easy to print.You Don’t need to compromise the printing quality by being eco-friendly.

Kraft Paper

We have Brown and White options of Kraft papers. Both kinds of papers are FSC certificated.Other than cellulose to be printed on, we are also very good at printing sharp colors on Paper,with a natural look and feel.


Compostable materials are normally poor in barrier. To prolong the shelf life we have introduced metalized compostable material. This layer is created with a vacuum process to adhere a thin layer of aluminium to our Clear Paper to create a superior barrier. This layer is inert and returns to the earth in the same way.

Food Contact

Materials are made primarily of GMO-free corn and safe for direct food contact.Both finished bags and layers meet EU and FDA Standard.Start a healthier life by using BioPouches Bags.

Please contact us for any inquiries